October 27, 2016

VMAX SYSTEMS & Omron: A successful JD Edwards Implementation
In May 2016, VMAX SYSTEMS accomplished the Go-Live of the JD Edwards implementation at Omron’s Health Care Unit NS. The project was only 8 months long, involving 2 manufacturing plants and a very low number of custom processes: only 8.

“We can state that the project was a big success, with all the main modules, Distribution (Inventory, Sales and Procurement), Manufacturing and Finance/Accounting implemented in only 8 months, with only 8 custom processes, and with the Go-Live in the month of highest volume of sales, without impact in the sales revenue and with the month closing done by the 15th day, being a really great accomplishment for both VMAX and Omron.” – Peterson Max, VMAX SYSTEMS’ CEO.

“I asked VMAX to finish the implementation before the peak season of sales, so it was very aggressive challenge for both VMAX consultant team and Omron Key Users. I think the key point of this success is the “Teamwork” between VMAX consultant, Key Users, Project Leader and Management team. We always saw our goal and had good discussion to solve issues in timely manner. The project is still on-going, but I believe we can achieve good success in the next phase of this project as well.” – Tetsuya Yamada, Director of Omron - NS.

"We have a couple key factor to explain the success of this implementation:
1 – Very strong support from Omron management team;
2 – Commitment of all users in all areas of the company;
3 – Consultants with large experience and knowledge of the system;
4 – The extensive collaboration and support of the PMO team.

With this combination, we could overcome the challenges of the implementation in one single instance of JDE that will receive by the end of the program 13 companies in the Americas region. My sincerest thanks to VMAX for helping us until here and with certain that we will have success in the next phases." – Mauricio Santos – Head of IT, Omron Brazil Headquarter

The project will continue until november 2016 with the implementation of MRP, Fixed Assets and Absorption Costing.